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Silver King Manufacturing OA35100 | Plumbers Supply Co

Silver King Manufacturing OA35100

Squick Steam Boiler Cleaner/Inhibitor, 5 oz

  • Manufacturers: Silver King Manufacturing
  • Brand Name: Silver King Manufacturing
  • PN: OA35100
  • MPN: OA35100
  • Min. Order Qty: 1
  • Qty. Interval: 1
  • Availability: loading
  • 89 4.4 Branch Availability
Container Size      :      5 oz
Item Name      :      Steam Boiler Cleaner/Inhibitor
Type      :      Squick
  • Absorbs grease oil, rust, dissolved and suspended solids
  • Prevents formation of insulating scale and crystallizing solids
  • Prevents corrosion - protects metal surfaces
  • Neutralizes-free oxygen
  • Prevents foaming, surging or priming
  • Maximizes heat transfer
  • Safe to use in all boilers - contains no petroleum or hazardous components
  • No draining, no blow-down required (precipitated sludge may be drawn-off)
  • Original Silver King "Squick" is scientifically formulated to clean and protect steam boilers by a patented absorption/precipitation process
  • "Squick" prevents formulation of insulating scale, protects metal and prevents priming or surging
  • Patented "Squick" maximizes efficiency and prolongs the useful life of the boiler